Dina Maria (@_dina_dina_bo_bina_)

2 weeks ago

This guy is such a gift ♥️🤍🥰 ⚠️Mushy post warning ⚠️: This man right here is such a gift. When God says He’ll go above and beyond all we could ever ask or imagine, He really means it. After giving my life to Jesus again, I have been waiting for a long time for someone to come along who was worth it for me and Greg, you are not only worth my time but you’ve been worth all the waiting and everything I had to go through in my life to get to you. I am blown away by the amazing gift you are to me. How you bring me closer to Jesus as I grow closer to you and vice versa. I am so grateful for you, Greg Barnhardt 🥰 💐 Ladies (and guys! ) who are single... do yourself a favor and wait for the Lord’s timing. It will be better than you can ever imagine and so worth it! 🤍 @littlebluefoot • • • • • #mancrush #mancrushmonday #Jesus #manofGod #blessing #wait #waiting #worthit #real #handsome #love #life #boyfriend #team